Friday, July 12, 2013

Investment In SEO

By Dmitry Ledok

The business owners have a desire to obtain the best rankings for their web resources.

Here can be no doubts. But all the website owners can be divided in several categories. The first group doesnt do anything and doesnt know anything about SEO

The members of the second group are assured that there is no need to take any steps towards the better search engine optimization and promotion of their websites, search engines will do it themselves automatically.

Next class is more clever, these people are familiar with SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and they need to do it s with virtually no assistance connected with professionals. The last category includes site owners who fully adopt the need to use SEO pros.

The information will be beneficial only for the last 2 categories which are engaged


Which will be the main questions one has to resolve being engaged in website promotion?

Everyone connected with SEO business knows that link building is the key process in your website search engine rankings.

So in order to get the high rankings

Thus in order to get the particularly high ranks of your website one needs a good package of inbound back links. The actual question can be getting the links.

You will discover practically hundreds of means of carrying out thatl. Google states that there will be a number of them are outlawed, for example acquiring or trading back-links.

Nowadays we should certainly mention the link building in connection with the investment decision standpoint.

We are able to use price/quality approach. Which are th tips on how to measure the level of back-links?

Of course it is not so simple. The quality of backlinks is a complex of multiplicated coefficients which can describe various parameters of landing page where they are placed.

The more result is, the bigger quality a backlink has. Knowing the difference between good and back backlinks one can calculate their approximate price.

And next remaining thing is to catch the connection between price tag and quality.

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